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Vision Statement
A professional human resource team providing continuous and superior service to our most important asset, people.
Philosophy Statement
The most valued and important resource of the University of Hawai'i is its employees. Consistent with this belief, it is the commitment of the University Office of Human Resources to respect each person's worth and dignity; to recognize each person's capacity to contribute; and to work together as a team. Within the Office of Human Resources, this commitment will be realized as we:

  • Treat one another with empathy, understanding, dignity, respect and trust, with the recognition that the Office of Human Resources functions as a team.

  • Approach all situations with a positive, can do attitude, which will flow into and affect work situations.

  • Let employees know what is expected of them and whether they are meeting those expectations by creating an environment characterized by openness and honesty.

  • Strive to help employees understand how their work contributes to the mission of the Office of Human Resources.

  • Maintain a personal commitment to a productive and honest work ethic.

  • Internalize vision and translate vision into day-to-day activities and outward actions.

  • Afford employees opportunities to develop their skills and enhance their career development.

  • Extend appreciation and recognition to employees for work well done.

Mission Statement
It is the mission of the Office of Human Resources to anticipate, develop and to fulfill the human resource needs of the employees of the University of Hawai'i. The Office of Human Resources shall provide support to the University system in developing, implementing, and administering a comprehensive human resource program.

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