TL/PW 2005-2010

About the IRNC Translight/Pacific Wave Project:
An International Research Network Connections Program (IRNC) project funded by the National Science Foundation Office of Cyberinfrastructure.

Translight/PacificWave Award Description

Principal Investigators:

PI: Dr. John Silvester, University of Southern California,

Co-PI: Dr. Ron Johnson, University of Washington,



This project, called TransLight/PacificWave, is developing a distributed exchange facility on the West Coast (currently in Seattle, Sunnyvale, and Los Angeles) to allow interconnection of international research and education networks with US research networks. A network that connects to the exchange fabric in Los Angeles or Seattle is able to peer with (connect to) any other network that also participates in the exchange at low cost and with transparent high-performance. In addition, Translight/PacificWave is working with AARNet and the University of Hawaii to bring two 10Gbps links from Sydney, Australia through Hawaii and into Seattle and Los Angeles, connecting the research and education communities of the US and Australia for advanced network based scientific collaboration as never before. Translight/PacificWave is also supporting other international connections to US research and education networks that connect into the exchange.

Application Projects Utilizing Pacific Wave Infrastructure

The Pacific Wave infrastructure supported by this project enables a wide variety of advanced science and engineering applications. See Application Projects for more information about these projects and recent demonstrations.

Other IRNC Projects

The National Science Foundation Office of Cyberinfrastructure has funded five international research infrastructure projects and two measurement projects in the current IRNC program. See the IRNC website for more information.