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Board of Regents Policy 2.202 Board of Regents Policy 2.202


Duties of the President


Regents Policy Chapter 2, Administration
Regents Policy RP 2.202, Duties of the President
Effective Date:  Sept. 19, 2008
Prior Dates Amended:  Jan. 13, 1966; Sept. 19, 1974; Oct. 20, 1978, Sept. 17, 1993; May 16, 1997; Oct. 18, 2002; Oct. 31, 2014 (recodified)
Review Date:  August 2017

I. Purpose

To set forth policy on the general duties of the president and authority delegated to the president.

II. Definitions

No policy specific or unique definitions apply.

III. Board of Regents Policy

    A. The president shall be the chief executive officer of the university and shall exercise power under the board for governance, protection, and advancement of the university on both its educational and its business aspects, in its colleges and subdivisions, and in each of its affairs and interests. All the university faculties shall be under the direction of the president, who shall be an ex-officio member of such faculties.

    B. The president shall be responsible for and perform the following duties:

        1. Direct the development of strategic, long-range development and other plans and programs, and recommend policies designed to advance the instructional, research and service goals of the university, its campuses and its colleges.

        2. Maintain effective working relationships between the university and the governor, state government and legislature, federal government, United States congress, other government officials, the general public, and among the students, faculty and administration of the various campuses.

        3. Recommend plans and policies for the statewide vocational education programs in public institutions and for post-secondary education programs; and oversee the implementation of the plans and policies adopted to ensure a continuing high caliber of performance in academic, administrative and related activities.

        4. Delegate the day-to-day statewide staff work and coordination of university and university-related functions to the vice presidents, chancellors, and other officers as he/she deems necessary.

        5. Delegate the administration and operation of each campus to the respective chancellors.

        6. Maintaining on-going communications with the board to include providing advance notice, to the extent practical, of potentially controversial decisions or actions that are within authority delegated to the president.

        7. The board delegates to the president authority to prepare and submit to the legislature, on behalf of the board, reports and other requests for information regarding university operations and administration as may be requested by the legislature or as may be prescribed by law. In conjunction with submission of reports and information to the legislature, copies shall be provided to the board.

    C. The board may also prescribe other duties and responsibilities as necessary.

    D. The president’s duty to abide by and apply the policies, rules and regulations adopted by the board is expressed in the following statement:

“The board, recognizing that the university is a large and complex organization; that many policies, rules and regulations have been adopted or promulgated over the years; that the administration and governance of the university involves many individuals and committees acting in official, administrative or advisory capacities; that questions arise from time to time concerning the interpretation or application of a given policy, rule or regulation; and that the board’s policy is to exercise control over the university through its executive officer, the president of the university, includes the understanding that the president has the principal responsibility to apply the policies, rules and regulations adopted by the Board of Regents.
Questions that may arise within the university community concerning the proper application of a policy, rule or regulation are to be resolved by the president of the university, or his/her designee(s), if such resolution is required within the university community, and that all persons performing university functions in official, administrative and advisory capacities, individually or as members of committees, shall be guided by the opinion or ruling of the president or his/her designee(s) with respect to such questions, with the understanding that the interpretation of board policies rests exclusively with the board.”

    E. Authority delegated to the president may at the president’s discretion be further delegated unless the board specifically limits the delegation of authority to the president.

IV. Delegation of Authority

The board delegates to the president certain authority regarding responses to the Legislature.  See RP 2.202 (B)(7).  Authority delegated to the president may at the president’s discretion be further delegated unless the board specifically limits the delegation of authority to the president. See RP 2.202(E).

V. Contact Information

Office of the Board of Regents, 956-8213,

VI. References

VII. Exhibits and Appendices

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    Approved as to Form:    
    Cynthia Quinn    
    October 31, 2014    
    Executive Administrator and Secretary of the Board of Regents


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