Executive Policy 11.203 Executive Policy 11.203


Naming of University Facilities, Properties and Programs


Executive Policy Chapter 11, Miscellaneous
Executive Policy EP 11.203, Naming of University Facilities, Properties and Programs
Effective Date:  October 2014
Dates Amended:  September 2005; September 2020
Responsible Office:  Office of the Vice President for Administration
Governing Board of Regents Policy:  RP 11.203, Naming of University Facilities, Properties and Programs
Review Date:  August 2019

I. Purpose

To implement Regents Policy (RP) 11.203 regarding the naming of facilities, properties, and programs subject to the approval of the Board or the President, as delegated in RP 11.203.

To establish a mechanism for the review of proposals for the thematic, functional, route, honorific or philanthropic naming of facilities, properties, programs and interior spaces.

To establish that the designation of descriptive or functional titles is delegated to the campus Chief Executive Officers (CEOs).

II. Definitions

“Philanthropic naming” is an act that purposefully designates a name or title for a facility, property, or program in order to honor or recognize a significant donor to the university whether a person, family, or other entity.

“Honorific naming” is an act that purposefully designates a name or title for a facility, property, or program in order to honor, memorialize, or recognize a person or entity, of significance to the University.

“Interior spaces” means classrooms, laboratories, offices, conference rooms, cafeterias, lounges, work spaces, locker rooms, competitive spaces, or external space directly associated with a specific facility such as a lanai, courtyard, or connecting walkways between facilities.

“Program” means any academic, instructional, research, administrative, or public service program or enterprise operated or supported by the University intended to educate students, enhance the academic body of knowledge, support the overall health or well-being of students, faculty, or staff, or advance the State of Hawai‘i. This includes schools, colleges, divisions, departments, institutes, centers and other such designations.  Programs are further categorized as degree-granting or non-degree-granting depending on whether or not the program is responsible for the award of credit degrees and/or certificates.

“Outdoor plant, tree, or space” means a plant, tree, or outdoor space not directly associated with a specific external facility space as defined by "Internal spaces”, e.g., a bench or benches.

III. Executive Policy

This Executive policy directs implementation of Board of Regents Policy, RP 11.203, Naming of University Facilities, Properties and Programs.

  1. The naming of University facilities, properties and programs shall be in accordance with Board of Regents Policy RP 11.203, the UH Foundation Gift Acceptance Policy, and this Executive policy.

  2. In accordance with their campus procedures, campus CEOs may recommend to the President names for University facilities, properties, and programs in keeping with the following guidelines.  No commitment for naming shall be made prior to approval of the proposed name.

    1. A recommendation for a philanthropic naming may be submitted when the nominee makes a contribution or is named by a donor who makes a contribution that makes possible significant additions to the University facilities, properties or programs. Consideration for approval shall be given to the significance of the proposed gift as it relates to the success or realization of the purpose; the urgency of the need; the eminence of the individual whose name is proposed; and the individual’s relationship to the University. Recommendations for philanthropic naming shall be submitted jointly by the UH Foundation and the relevant unit leader.

    2. As a general rule, honorific namings should be considered also in the context of philanthropic naming opportunities and are not recommended for individuals who are living or within five years of the person’s death.  A recommendation for an honorific naming may be submitted for an individual when:

      1. While serving the University in an academic capacity, the nominee demonstrated such high scholarly distinction as to have earned sustained national or international reputation in the individual’s field(s) of specialization;

      2. While serving the University in an important administrative capacity, rendered distinguished sustained service to the University warranting recognition of the individual’s exceptional contribution to the welfare of the University;

      3. Although not having served the University as an academic or administrator, the nominee contributed in truly exceptional ways over a sustained period to the welfare of the institution or achieved such unique distinction as to warrant recognition; and/or

      4. The nominee is of such outstanding character and distinction that naming a facility after him or her would honor the University of Hawai‘i as well as the individual.

      5. In cases where the individual to be honorifically recognized is living or it is within five years of the person’s death, the President shall seek the advice of the Regents, who shall evaluate the nomination and provide the President their counsel regarding the nomination.

    3. Nominations to honorifically name University facilities, properties, and programs may be submitted to the President by any member of the University or external community. It shall be the responsibility of nominator(s) to provide sufficient background information to enable careful and thorough review of the nomination.

    4. Members of the Board of Regents, active employees of the University of Hawai‘i, former employees of the University, and individuals holding elective office in and from the State of Hawai‘i shall not be eligible for consideration until at least one year after the date of retirement or separation

  3. The authority to designate descriptive or functional titles is delegated to the campus CEOs.  University facilities, properties, and programs not named honorifically or philanthropically are customarily designated based on function, occupancy, a coordinated system (e.g., plant names, Hawaiian words), or numbers/letters.

  4. The authority to designate naming for Lectureships, Faculty Research Funds, Post-Doctoral Fellowships, Graduate Fellowships, Undergraduate Scholarships, and Library or Archival Funds is delegated to the campus CEOs, provided that the UH Foundation shall participate in recommendations for philanthropic recognition.

  5. A matrix summarizing the necessary level of approval for honorific or philanthropic namings is provided below.  In addition, the UH Foundation shall be consulted on all philanthropic namings in accordance with Executive Policy 8.209 (Fund Raising).

Level of Approval
Campus CEO
Board of Regents
Programs and Positions
To name a degree-granting College, School or Department
To name a non-degree granting Center, Institute or program
Faculty Endowments
To name a Deanship, Directorship, Chair or Professorship
To name a Lectureship
To name a Fund for Faculty Research
To name a Post-Doctoral Fellowship
Student Endowments
To name a Graduate Fellowship
To name an Undergraduate Scholarship
Libraries Endowments
To name a Librarian or Curator position
To name a Library Collection or Archive
Property or Facilities
To name a Building, Structure, Land, Road or Exterior Physical Campus Element
To name an Interior Space
To name an Outdoor Plant, Tree, or Space (e.g., a bench or benches)

IV. Delegation of Authority

There is no additional delegation of authority beyond that outlined in this policy.

V. Contact Information

Office of the Vice President for Administration
Telephone: (808) 956-6405
Email:  vpadmin@hawaii.edu

VI. References

A. Link to superseded Executive Policies in old format https://www.hawaii.edu/policy/archives/ep/
B. Link to Administrative Procedures in old format https://www.hawaii.edu/policy/archives/apm/sysap.php

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