Board of Regents Policy 12.204 Board of Regents Policy 12.204


Classified Contracts


Regents Policy Chapter 12, Research
Regents Policy RP 12.204, Classified Contracts
Effective Date:  May 21, 2015
Prior Dates Amended:  Mar. 17, 2011; Oct. 31, 2014 (recodified)
Review Date:  August 2019

I. Purpose

To set forth policy regarding classified contracts.

II. Definitions

No policy specific or unique definitions apply.

III. Board of Regents Policy

    A. In the interest of fostering an open academic community for students and investigators, classified research should not be conducted on campus.

    B. Industrial Security Management Group.  The “Industrial Security Management Group” shall be responsible for any and all duties and responsibilities pertaining to the protection of classified information for the University of Hawai‘i (UH), including responsibility over all matters necessary to ensure the security of classified information (e.g., the negotiation, execution, administration, and institutional compliance of classified contracts) that are subject to the requirements of the Department of Defense Industrial Security Regulation (ISR) and National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM).  The Industrial Security Management Group should always include, at a minimum, the Senior UH Management Official in charge of the UH Facility (i.e., president), the UH Facility Security Officer, and the Senior UH Research Administrator responsible for all UH research on the system level (i.e., Vice President for Research and Innovation).  Members of the Industrial Security Management Group shall insure that UH complies with all policies, regulations and contractual stipulations relative to safeguarding classified information accessed by UH, in accordance with the requirements of the ISR and NISPOM, and appropriate approvals from the Defense Security Service, when necessary.  This responsibility includes, but is not limited to, determining which additional Senior UH Administrators, if any, are to be included in the Industrial management Group.  The UH President shall act as the Chairman of the Industrial Security Management Group.

    C. Security Clearance.  In accordance with Section 2-104 of the NISPOM, members of the Industrial Security Management Group shall possess or be processed for a personnel security clearance for access to classified information to the level of the facility security clearance granted to UH.

IV. Delegation of Authority

There is no policy specific delegation of authority.

V. Contact Information

Office of the Vice President for Research & Innovation, 956-5006,

VI. References

    B. Department of Defense Industrial Security Regulation (ISR), DoD 5220.22-R, Dec. 4, 1985.
    C. National Industrial Security Program Operating Manual (NISPOM), DoD 5220.22-M, Feb. 28, 2006.

VII. Exhibits and Appendices

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    approved as to Form:    
    Cynthia Quinn    
    June 01, 2015    
    Executive Administrator and Secretary of the Board of Regents


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