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    Of This Site

    To maximize the use of the information provided here--to find what you are after--this site is organized in four ways. First, the home page and its hypertext contents are constructed thematically. Chapters, articles, and papers with similar content or ideas are put together. This does not always work, however, since some material should go in several places and sometimes material does not easily fit in any category.

    Therefore, and second, I have indexed all the material that comes from books by hypertext notes (e.g., [1]) as to their source. One can then click these notes to determine the source, its table of contents, figures and tables, and usually, preface. Each source is itself in hypertext as to what is placed on this site. Rather than being linked back to the home page, these links are directly to the material deposited here. This is especially important when only a figure or table is given on the site, where the note to it enables one to determine its source and context.

    Third, my vita lists all my publications, including those on this site, and those on the site are in hypertext. The vita provides a publishing history of this material and also shows what is not included here.

    Finally, I list the books, chapters, papers, and speeches that are deposited on this site. Each, as noted above, itself has in hypertext those parts of it included here, such as its figures and tables.

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