The University expects all vendors to conduct business in a fair and efficient manner that ensures the timely fulfillment of any University order.

University Standards for Vendors

The University of Hawaii seeks Vendors that provide:

Quality: The service or project taken on by the vendor should meet or exceed the requirements stated by the University. The vendor should display acceptable results, as well as have an understanding of the overall vision of the University and how it relates to the current project.

Flexibility: The quality of service is, in large part, dependent on the flexibility of the vendor. Unseen circumstances should be met with professionalism and expertise.

Innovation: Emerging technologies and ideas are encouraged. Producing new and creative methods that prove beneficial to the University is desired.

Customer Service: Responses from vendors should not only be timely, but productive. The vendor should have an understanding of what is to be accomplished and be able to provide solutions not just in the present, but also to prepare for future obstacles.

Cost Value: As a public University, the Office of Procurement Management must always take cost into consideration in order to maximize taxpayer funds.

Viewing Solicitations

The University’s SuperQuote and HePS platforms, provide automatic email notification for solicitation release and amendment based on the vendor registration in each system. As such, best practice for viewing opportunities is through the Hawaii Awards and Notices Data System (HANDS).

Responding to Solicitations

A key consideration for award is the responsiveness of a vendor’s offer to any solicitation. Offers that are not received in the format and time frame requested, will be rejected as unresponsive. University best practice is to submit offers well in advance of any deadline, as they can be amended or replaced up until the solicitation closing date and time. No consideration will be given to vendors who miss a deadline due to technical difficulties that cannot be readily reproduced or for waiting until the last minute to submit.

Terms and Conditions

As a public University, the University of Hawaii cannot agree to certain terms and conditions. The most common terms being; indemnification, arbitration, governing law, and payment obligations. The University best practice is for vendors to review Executive Policy (EP) 8.200 which outlines the University’s limitations in entering agreements.