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Candidate Advisory Council
University of Hawaiʻi
2444 Dole Street
Honolulu, HI 96822

tel (808) 956-9083

About the Candidate Advisory Council

The Regents Candidate Advisory Council of the University of Hawaiʻi identifies candidates for the university system’s governing Board of Regents. The council presents pools of qualified candidates to the governor of Hawaiʻi from which candidates are nominated and, with the consent of the state senate, appointed by the governor.

The advisory council was created by Act 56, 2007 Hawaiʻi Legislature, in conformity with the amendment to Article X, Section 6 of the Hawaiʻi State Constitution ratified by the voters on Nov. 7, 2006. The council is tied to the University of Hawaiʻi for administrative purposes. In 2013, Act 72 was passed to further define the candidate advisory council.

Eight members, including one ex officio, comprise the advisory council. They establish the criteria for qualifying, screening and forwarding candidates for membership on the UH Board of Regents. The council advertises pending vacancies and solicits and accepts applications from potential candidates.


Blair Odo headshot

Blair M.T. Odo

Dr. Blair M.T. Odo is a partner of Culture Flow International, a cross-cultural education consulting firm in Honolulu, Hawaii. Dr. Odo obtained her Ph.D. in Educational Policy and Management from the University of Oregon.

She was the first female president of JAIMS (Japan-America Institute of Management Science), a cross-cultural management school in Honolulu founded by Fujitsu Limited. With more than 25 years with JAIMS, Dr. Odo oversaw the institute’s academic programs, developing a flourishing network of international internship partners, and developing customized corporate training programs in Hawaii for Japan clients as well as corporate clients in Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, and Bangladesh.

From 2005-2007, she was also Professor Practitioner and Vice-Chair of Student Services with the University of Tsukuba’s MBA-IB Program in Tokyo, Japan. She was also affiliated with the University of Hawaii at Manoa, the University of Oregon, and the Oregon Institute of Technology.

She is actively involved in professional, charitable, and civic organizations. Dr. Odo is also a certified DISC trainer.

Global leadership is Dr. Odo’s research interest, and her academic expertise is cross-cultural management education and training.

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Brigitte Yoshino, headshot thumbnail
Brigitte Yoshino
Senate President Appointee
Term ends 6/30/25
Lance Wilhelm, headshot thumbnail
Lance Wilhelm
Term ends 12/5/22
Blair Odo
Blair Odo
Term ends 12/5/22
Amy Hennessey, headshot thumbnail
Amy Hennessey
Governor Appointee
Term ends 12/5/22
Dale Nishikawa, headshot thumbnail
Dale Nishikawa
Governor Appointee
Term ends 12/5/22
Amy Agbayani, headshot thumbnail
Amy Agbayani
House Speaker Appointee
Term ends 6/30/25
Brandon Marc Higa, headshot thumbnail
Brandon Marc Higa
Emeritus Regents Assn. Appointee
Term ends 10/6/22

Emeritus Members