Kim Chee!

All these Kim-Chee recipes were submitted by Robert Matsuo. They were originally posted on I am still in the process of formatting them. Mmmmmm.... Can't wait to try one of these recipes.

In response to recent postings, here's a small collection of Kim Chee recipes I have accumulated over time. I have collected these recipes from a variety of sources. Unfortunately, I don't have a record of the sources. So, I have to post these without the appropriate credits. Hope you can find something you like.

The first recipe is the one I am currently using. Like most of my recipes it's a recipe "in work". I keep tweaking it each time I use it. I like the results of this one, however. It's hot and very garlicky. If I was to do anything with it I'd possibly cut down a little on the fresh ginger, but not by much. This recipe is sort of a synthesis of many other recipes, including the rest of them that will follow. I keep this Kim Chee in my refrigerator much longer than anyone would probably recommend, but I have never had a problem with it and it keeps very well. I love it. (P.S. Be sure to warn your significant other when you are about to have some of this. One mouthful will make a "statement" that will last all evening!)

Submitted by: Robert Matsuo

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