Submitted by: Residential Services Division
Organization: Hawaiian Electric Company


     3 quarts                 green mango slices
     1/2 cup                  salt
     7 cups (3 lb)            raw sugar
     3 cups                   vinegar
     2 pkg (15 oz size)       raisins
     4                        Small Hawaiian red peppers, chopped
     4 tablespoons            minced garlic
     1/2 cup                  minced ginger root

Combine mango slices and salt; let stand overnight. Rinse and drain. Combine sugar and vinegar; simmer for 30 minutes. Add mango slices and remaining ingredients; simmer for 1 hour or until mangoes are tender and chutney is of desired consistency. Sterilize jars, fill with chutney, and seal while hot with melted paraffin. Makes 7 pints.
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