Class of 2018

Jane Au
BA, University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa (Religion, 2015)

Jane is currently studying Hawaiian Religion, conducting research on the major Hawaiian oceanic deity, Kanaloa. Using Hawaiian language resources and an indigenous methodology, she hopes to rediscover important elements of Kanaloa, his forms, functions, and overall role in ancestral Hawaiian beliefs. Jane is from Haleʻiwa Oʻahu and hopes that her research will lead to a more complete understanding of both the deity Kanaloa as well as the vast ocean he embodies.


Richard Crum
BA, Manhattanville College, NY
(World Religions & Music Performance-Jazz Guitar, 2014)

Ricky is studying Shintoism as part of the “Green,” ecologically focused new religious movement, and how it has reshaped itself outside of Japan. His thesis will also encompass the perception of Shinto values in Japanese art, particularly the films of Hayao Miyazaki.


Laura Ritter
MES, The Evergreen State College (Environmental Studies, 2006)
BA, University of Washington (Women’s Studies, 2001)

Laura’s research interests include Religion and Environmentalism, Buddhism in North America, and Women in Zen. She intends to study the role of power and empowerment within the formation of new religious movements. Laura recently completed 4 units of Clinical Pastoral Education and works as a chaplain in Honolulu.