Master of Arts in Religion

Degree Requirements

The Department of Religion has developed two graduate program plans leading to the MA degree: a thesis-based MA program (Plan A) and a non-thesis track (Plan B). Both Plans A and B are two-year programs that also require a minimum of two years foreign language proficiency.

Admission Requirements40

Applicants to the MA program in religion must hold a bachelor’s degree from an accredited U.S. college, university, or its equivalent from a recognized foreign institution of higher learning. Applicants should include in the Statement of Objectives an explanation of how their academic background has prepared them for study in the religion MA program.

Student Learning Objectives for the MA Plan A (thesis track) and Plan B (non-thesis track)

  1. Students demonstrate familiarity and developing mastery of the methodologies and theoretical frameworks employed in the field of Religious Studies.
  2. Students demonstrate the ability to write and prepare presentations at a high level of proficiency.
  3. Students are able to conduct research which leads to either a thesis or a significant portfolio of shorter works.
    In addition to the general outcomes listed above, the following outcomes apply to different students based on aptitude and goals.
  4. Student is prepared to enter a Ph.D. program in the field.
  5. Student is prepared to teach Religious Studies at the junior college level.

*See UH Mānoa Official Catalog for complete details.