Undergraduate Program Overview

The objective of this course of study is to provide students with an expansive and comprehensive understanding of the variety of the world’s religious traditions, as well as to sharpen students’ mental faculties of objective analysis and critical thinking. Individuals who earn a bachelor’s degree from our department are able to proceed into the professional world or still higher education with a vast knowledge of religious culture and a greater appreciation for its diverse array of expressions.

The academic study of religion teaches students about a variety of religious beliefs from an outside perspective, rather than how to practice a specific religion as an insider. This methodology demands that students be neutral and open minded with respect to different cultures and their religious beliefs. The academic study of religion is also a journey of self-exploration and increasing self-awareness and self-understanding, as it is the nature of the subjects discussed to stimulate contemplation and reflection. The curriculum does not favor one religion over any other, and students are expected to be aware of how their own personal beliefs affect their understanding of other cultures.

The Department of Religion belongs to the College of Arts and Humanities. Neighboring disciplines include Anthropology, Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, Art, and History. Explore the links to the left to learn more about the Undergraduate program, such as the specific requirements for majors and minors, the career options that will be available with a bachelor’s degree in Religion, and how to apply to the program. Any questions about the program can be directed toward the Undergraduate Advisor.