Special Topics

The following special topics may apply to your activities. You should consult with OEC regarding these:


Encryption technology, particularly strong encryption, is highly regulated for export purposes and the source code and object code of such encryption may not be shared with Foreign Nationals without getting specific export licenses. Many of the exemptions from export controls that are afforded to university research are not applicable to sharing encryption technology.

Select Agents and Toxins

Physical exports as well as deemed exports pertaining to biological materials, chemicals, microorganisms and toxins can be export-controlled. Read the Memo Regarding Select Agents and Toxins (October 10, 2014) regarding the importance of compliance.

Department of Defense Development Funding

The International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) covers certain development activities undertaken as a result of Department of Defense funding. Read the Memo Regarding Department of Defense Awards (May 26, 2015) for additional information.