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Applicant agrees to provide the UH staff, representatives, agents, and associates with current financial and operating data, and to satisfy such other reasonable requests for information about his/her company in order for UH to determine whether to grant applicant tenancy in the building or as a virtual tenant.

Applicant acknowledges that its claims or demands for loss or damages against UH, its officers, employees, agents, or any person acting on their behalf such as independent contractors and/or consultants, including but not limited to claims or demands for loss or damages based upon the alleged negligence of UH may be limited by statutory immunities provided by law to the university.

Further, applicant and his/her company will defend, indemnify, and hold harmless UH, State of Hawaiʻi, and their officers, employees, agents, or any person acting on their behalf such as independent contractors and/or consultants, from any and all third-party claims and demands for loss or damages arising from the submission, evaluation, and the disposition of this tenant application.

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