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Ordering Animals

All animals for use in Biomedical Facilities from approved US commercial vendors must be ordered through AVS.

Animals may only be ordered through AVS under an approved IACUC Protocol.

The deadline for placing orders with the AVS Fiscal office is Monday, two weeks prior to the expected delivery date. We will try to accommodate orders placed after this deadline if time permits, but due to vendor set deadlines and availability, desired delivery date may not be possible for late orders. Orders totaling more than $5000 may require longer processing time due to the new requirements for use of Super Quotes and/or Sole Source Justifications so please plan accordingly. Please also view our policy on scheduling animal deliveries for holiday weeks.

Please fill out the Online AVS Animal Order Request Form completely, and click submit. The form will be sent to AVS, and a copy of the email will be sent to the PI and animal order contact for confirmation. Please be as thorough as possible when filling out the form, and when appropriate, please include the vendor stock numbers for the strains you are requesting. Incomplete forms will delay order.

An administrative charge will be added to all orders placed through AVS. Please refer to the AVS fees and services for current animal order fee.

AVS will email the order contact person with the best estimate of the total animal order cost after conferring with the designated vendor. Non-Uh affiliated Principal Investigators are required to prepay this amount before the order will be placed. UH-affiliated Principal Investigators are not required to submit an encumbering document, however, they must ensure sufficient funds are set aside to cover this expense.

Animal Transfers

For Animal imports/exports within the State of Hawaii or with institutions out of the State, please fill out the Animal Transfer T-1 Form completely, and fax to 808-692-1960 or email to

Policy on Movement of Animals in Public Places

Transfers Between UH Protocols

Transferring animals between UH protocols requires that both principal investigators have an active approved animal IACUC protocol appropriate for the animal transfer. Please visit the IACUC website to view the IACUC protocol requirements.

The AVS Temporary Cage Card must be filled out to complete a transfer of animals between protocols. Both the "From" and "To" protocols must be listed. This will replace the "Internal Animal Transfer Between Protocols" form effective 10-3-08. The "To" protocol must have enough animals allowed on their balance to accept the transfer. Both carbon copies of the Temporary Cage Card are left on the animal cage for AVS to retrieve and replace with a permanant Granite card reflecting the new protocol. Animals may not be used under the receiving protocol until the card has been collected, the transfer is approved and the new card is restored.


Transfers Within the State of Hawai'i

Transferring animals Within the State of Hawai'i requires principal investigators have an active approved animal IACUC protocol appropriate for the animal transfer. Please visit the IACUC website to view the IACUC protocol requirements.

Complete an Animal Transfer Form T-1. Fax the completed Animal Transfer form to (808)692-1960, Attention Operations Manager. Forms missing critical information will be returned to the PI without processing.

At least annually update signatures from Hubert Olipares, Biosafety Officer, in "For Official Use Only" for similar shipments of in state transfers.

Please allow at least two business days to schedule a transfer

Animal and Veterinary Services personnel will contact you regarding the details of the transfer.

Transfers Between Institutions Out of State

(This does not apply to animals received from approved US commercial vendors. Please see the section on Ordering Animals)

  • PIs transferring animals between institutions out of state must have an active approved IACUC animal protocol appropriate for the animal transfer. To obtain IACUC protocol information visit the IACUC website.
  • Contact the Office of Innovation and Commercialization via email at, to determine if a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) is needed.
  • Complete an Animal Transfer Form T-1. Fax the completed AVS Animal Transfer Form to (808)692-1960 or email to , Attention Operations Manager. Operations Manager will forward the form on to the Regulatory Compliance Office for their review. It will then be forwarded to the IACUC Compliance Office for review as well. Forms missing critical information will be returned to the PI without processing
  • Pending UH Veterinarian's approval, AVS will schedule any movement of animals. Animals shipped before receiving approval may be refused by the receiving institution.

Rodents from other institutions will be quarantined a minimum of 3 weeks after arrival to determine their health status before entry into the AVS colony. Quarantine fees will be charged back to the Principal Investigator (PI).


Adoptions are an acceptable method of final disposition of animals if approved by the UH IACUC through the protocol review process.

See UH IACUC policy 2.0 on Animal Adoptions.

Individuals interested in adopting animals that meet the preceding criteria may complete the Record of Animal Release form, and Fax the completed form to (808) 956-8528.


Fees and Services

Animal and Veterinary Service charges researchers a Per Diem rate for housing animals at one of the Biomedical facilities. The Per Diem rate is a charge per animal cage per day, and covers basic husbandry and care. Services beyond basic husbandry are charged at an hourly Technician rate or Veterinary Rate based on the nature of the services. The Animal/Supply Ordering charge is assessed for animal or veterinary supplies orders through our department.

The complete rate schedules can be found at the following links. Researchers using funds administered through the university are assessed the UH Affiliated rates that take into account institutional subsidy. Researchers using funds non administered through the university are assessed the Non UH Affiliated rates.

Fees and Services