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Protect yourself and others first!

Report an Emergency

CALL 911

Campus Emergency Phone Numbers & Websites


  • Be calm
  • What to say to EMS dispatcher:

    • Nature of Emergency (Need rescue, police, ambulance, firefighter)
    • Location of emergency
    • What happened
    • Your name
    • Phone number you are calling from
  • Listen to dispatcher
  • Answer dispatcher’s questions concisely, accurately, and clearly
  • Follow dispatcher instructions precisely
  • Stay on phone until instructed otherwise

What you might be asked— the Six W’s: Welfare? Where? What? When? Who? Weapons?

REPORT TO ORC (808) 285-7619 24/7 WHEN

Biohazard symbol

  • Biological spill
  • Biological exposure
  • Biological theft/loss
  • Biological waste found