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Training to meet minimal requirements

(See memo for details)

Step 1: Print this page and use it as guide for negotiating CITI training website.

Step 2: Go to CITI website and click the Log in via SSO icon.

Step 3: Scroll down and select University of Hawaii, and log in using your UH username and password.

Step 4: If you are creating a new account, proceed by following instructions provided by CITI.  Otherwise, skip to next step.

Step 5: At the Main Menu page, click Add a course of update your learner groups under the University of Hawaii Courses section.

Step 6: On the Select Curriculum - University of Hawaii page, select the following courses (unless otherwise indicated):

Type of Research
CITI Course Name
Exempt Exempt, but working ONLY with existing biomedical data or biospecimen Non-Exempt Biomedical/ Clinical Research Non-Exempt Social or Behavioral Sciences Research
Question 1: Conflicts of Interest No
Question 2: Responsible Conduct of Research No at this time
Question 3: Human Subjects Research Exempt Researchers and Key Personnel Exempt Researchers and Key Personnel -- Biomedical Data and Specimens Only Non-Exempt Biomedical Researchers and Key Personnel Non-Exempt Social & Behavioral Sciences Researchers and Key Personnel
Question 4: Supplemental Courses for the following vulnerable populations and settings Please select one or more of the supplemental courses if you are going to be working with any of the listed vulnerable populations and/or settings. These courses are optional but highly recommended for those whose research is applicable.

Question 5: Information Privacy and Security (IPS)

Note: IPS training covers information on HIPAA for those working on exempt biomedical data/ specimens and non-exempt biomedical research

Exempt Researchers and Key Personnel Exempt Researchers and Key Personnel -- Biomedical Data and Specimens Only Non-Exempt Biomedical Researchers and Key Personnel Non-Exempt Social & Behavioral Sciences Researchers and Key Personnel
Question 6:  Good Clinical Practice course Skip Skip

For clinical trial involving IDE select

GCP Course for clinical trials involvling medical devices

For clinical trial involving IND select

GCP for clinical trials involving investigational drugs

Question 7: Laboratory Animal Welfare Skip Skip Skip Skip

Step 7: Click the Submit button at the bottom of the page; you will be returned to the previous CITI Menu with the courses that you are required to take

Step 8: Click on the first course listed and complete the Required Modules listed under each selected course.

Step 9: Print out the Completion Report from the Main Menu once all courses have been completed. The course is not complete until "Print Report" is shown under the Completion Report column for the course listed in your main menu. The completion reports are to be submitted with the IRB application as required material.

Important Note (2/16/16):

  1. Non-Exempt CITI required training may be used in lieu of exempt CITI required training, specifically:
    • non-exempt biomedical covers exempt biomedical data and specimen
    • non-exempt social and behavioral covers exempt
  2. Per BOR policy, students cannot be the sole Principal Investigator for their project (See policy), and therefore faculty advisors must be listed as PIs for their student-led research and complete required human subjects research training (and include their completion report) for their students' research.
  3. Investigators and key personnel who have completed CITI training from another institution may use the training they have completed from that institution given that the modules completed are the same and have been completed within the last 3 years. By adding University of Hawaii as a participating institution to their existing CITI account, the unexpired training will automatically be credited once the user's UH courses have been selected as instructed above.

Need more instructions for accessing CITI training modules?

For NIH-funded research, an alternative to CITI Training is available:

NIH Training Website

Elective Training

The PRISM Online Training is an hour long online tutorial developed for researchers, research staff, and IRBs that include topics of readability and literacy, gain useful skills when creating or reviewing consent forms and other research participant materials. To supplement, the PRISM Readability Toolkit can be found in the Policies & Guidance section.

The course is free and accessible here:

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Lecture Requests

The Human Studies Program provides a select number of group presentations to faculty, students and staff who plan to conduct research involving human participants. Interested parties may complete a Lecture Request form and submit it to the Human Studies Program at at least two weeks prior to requested date of presentation for consideration. Please note our office's ability to fulfill your request for particular date and time may be affected by prior HSP commitments and the availability of staff and perhaps other resources.