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About Veterinary Services

The Office of the University Veterinarian (UV), organized under the Office of Research Compliance  (ORC) Animal and Veterinary Services Program (AVS), has system-wide resopnsibilities for overseeing the health and wel-being and clinical care of vertebrate animals used by the University of Hawaii, as required by US federal law (PL 99-158, PL 89-544 and its amendments). As such, the AVS veterinarians do at least semi-annual scheduled visits to facilities where vertebrate animals are housed or used for research, teaching, or testing. In some cases the AVS veterinarians may provide veterinary care for animals used on specific protocols. The AVS veterianians also provide guidance on the development and review of IACUC protocols, and have Program oversight responsibilities.

AVS veterinarians help fulfill the federal mandate that personnel involved with care and use of vertebrate animals are adequately trained, and/or qualified in the basic principles of animal care and use to ensure quality research and animal well-being. As such, the Office of the UV provides education and documentation of demonstration of proficiencies for personnel using or caring for animals at UH.

The aforementioned services are done in accordance with all Federal, State, and local requirement for the humane care and use of animals.


The following are some of the veterinary services available to assist you with your protocol activities. For more information click on the Quick Links:

  1. Requesting Veterinary Care for Your Protocol
  2. Documenting Proficiency
  3. Personnel Training
  4. Protocol Specific Zoonoses Training
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