1. Wear Faerber's Flyers singlet during workouts. Bring sweats and jackets for cool-down and post work-out.

  2. Use the inside lanes, number 1 and 2, for timed intervals. Use the outer lanes for warm-ups, pick-ups, slow jogging and cool downs.

  3. No pushing, cussing, spitting, etc. while on the track.

  4. If you hear someone behind you yell, "track!", please move out to the next lane and let the runner pass. If a person or group in front of you is being timed, pass to the outside of the person or group.

  5. Water is available, but please bring your own container. Do not delay your group by taking excessively long water breaks.

Warm-up -One easy mile (4 times around the track)
200's -1/2 lap or 1/8 mile
400's -One lap around the track - 400 meters or aquarter/TD>
800's -Twice around the track - 800 meters or half-mile
1600's -Four times around the track - 1600 meters or a mile
Pick ups -Jog the curve and run the straight