Fo Reel Pidgin Film Festival 2023


About the Pidgin Film Festival

Fo real we get one Pidgin film festival here at UH! Da Firs’ Annual Film Festival all about dakine films da students make fo’ show how come so important li’dat da Pidgin. We stay looking fo some sho’t kine film dat use Pidgin like wen dey stay talkin’ to each oddah o’ tellin’ one story o’ just talk anykine about Pidgin li’dat in da film… o’ even jus’ like one documentary kine style film only about da Pidgin language.

Funding to Make Films

Students can receive up to $300 to make films that will be invited to be screened at the Fo Reel Film Festival in Spring 2023.


Submissions are limited to UH-system students and recent alumni (who wen grad since 2020).

Films of 30 seconds to 10 minutes.

Genres can include: Commercial/PSA, documentary, drama, animated, comedy, music video

Da main ting get stuff da film gotta shoot fo’ (featuring films that explore):

  • How people talk Pidgin fo’ real kine way everyday in Hawaiʻi (the authentic voice of everyday life in Hawaiʻi)
  • How fo’ look what ‘local style’ mean using one Pidgin kine camera lens (Pidgin as a lens for expressing local identities)
  • How people use Pidgin fo’ anyone (how Pidgin is used for anything and everything)
  • How people in Hawaiʻi stay strong about who Dem and what dis place dey belong to nowadays in dis kine world (how people in Hawaiʻi maintain their sense of place in today’s world)

Due: April 25, 2022 (by midnight)