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Grammar Quiz

Just like any language, Bislama has its own grammatical rules. If you don't follow them, you'll produce a sentence that sounds odd to speakers of the language. On the basis of the description above, say which of the following sentences are OK in Bislama and which ones are not. If the sentence is not OK, see if you can change it to make it acceptable.


Kalomat i bin no kam long haos.

OK    Not OK

'Kalomat didn't come to the house.'



Lulu i stap bonem haos blong tija.

OK    Not OK

'Lulu is burning the teacher’s house.'



Lulu i bae bonem ol haos blong ol tija.

OK    Not OK

'Lulu will burn the teachers’ houses.'



Ol bos no i save ridim ol buk blong Tomson.

OK    Not OK

'The bosses cannot read Thompson’s books.'



Bae mi no kukum raes.

OK    Not OK

'I will not cook rice.'