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This is Samuel Katipa:

You're listening to Samuel talking in Bislama.

Here's the text of what Samuel says, followed by a translation:

Mi nem blo mi Samuel.
Mi blong Tana lo Vanuatu.
Aelan blo mi ol turis oli stap kam plande lem blo luk volkeno
  mo stap harem i stap faerap oltaem.
Oli sta kam luk ol kastom danis.
Mo tu oli stap kam traem ol aelan kakae long vilej.
Mo i bin gat wan kaofis we i stap
  oli sta kam luk, swim wetem.
Be hem i ded finis.

My name is Samuel.
I'm from Tanna in Vanuatu.
Many tourists come to my island to see the volcano
  and hear it constantly erupting.
They come to watch traditional dancing.
In addition, they come and try local food in the village.
And there used to be a dugong which was there
  that they came to see, (and) to swim with.
But it has died.  

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