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Michel DeGraff and his team at MIThave been awarded a million dollar research grant by the National Science Foundation (NSF) to promote and evaluate the use of Haitian Creole in the formal education system of the country. The project "Open Education Resources" (OER) has already developed Creole-based active learning tools. The NSF grant will enable OER to create and disseminate those tools in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. See the announcement by MIT [link] and DeGraff's website [link] for details.



Mauritian Kreol is being offered from this year (2012) as an "ancestral language" alongside the existing Indian and Chinese languages in Mauritian primary schools. The standard orthography developed by the University of Mauritius is being used, and teachers have been trained to use it by the Mauritius Institute of Education. [link]

Click on the following link to see an article (in French) on the introduction of Kreol in Le Morne primary school, and some interesting commentary (in English, French and Kreol). [link]



The Language Perspectives project in the Australian state of Queensland focusses on supporting teachers and schools to understand and value the life experiences and language diversity that students bring to the classroom. These include various north Australian creoles and varieties of Aboriginal English. [link]



The Jamaica Language Unit is currently conducting the pilot Bilingual Education Project. [link]

    See also various references on the publications page.


    The Seychelles uses Seselwa (Seychelles Creole) as the medium of instruction for the first years primary school. [further information from Education in the Seychelles: An overview]

    Solomon Islands:

    It has been reported that he Solomon Islands government has begun an initiative of using Solomon Islands Pijin as a medium of instruction in primary schools in the capital, Honiara. But further information is not yet available.


    Academic English Mastery Program of the Los Angeles Unified School District is for speakers of African American English and other unstandardized varieties. [link]