(No. 12)




You'll notice that this is a very thin issue of the PACE Newsletter. That is because we received only one short report from readers. This newsletter depends on contributions from people working with pidgins, creoles and minority dialects in education or who are interested in the issues involved. While we get plenty of messages from people about how much they like the newsletter, this will not be enough to keep it going.

It may be that the concept of this newsletter has "passed its use-by date", and it is no longer useful for networking in this area. If we don't receive enough contributions for the next issue, then we'll have to assume this is the case. So, unless we hear from more readers, this, unfortunately, might be the last issue of the newsletter.

So, please send in some information to share with other readers. My new address is:

Jeff Siegel The Sato Center Department of Second Language Studies University of Hawai'i 1890 East-West Road Honolulu, Hawai'i 96822 USA


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