The network of information about the use of pidgins and creoles in education is widening. This issue includes for the first time detailed reports about the use of non-English-based creoles in education in various islands in the West Indies.

We have also made contact with the Institut d’Études Créoles et Francophones in France, which does a lot of work in the PACE area concerning French-based creoles.

The article in this issue is about the Portuguese-based creole of Guinea-Bissau in Africa. A related creole spoken by immigrants to the USA is the subject of a report.

This issue also contains a special report on creole and education in Canada.

There was actually too much infomration to include here, especially on creoles and education in the UK. So this will be covered in another special report in the next issue.

Thanks once again to all the contributors. Please keep sending in information or short articles for future issues and passing the word (and the newsletter) on to others who may be interested.

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Pidgins, Creoles and Nonstandard Dialects in Education (described in the last issue) is now available for Australian $10.00 from:

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