(No. 5)




As promised in the last issue, this issue includes a special report on creoles and education in the UK, where a lot has been going on for a long time! Also, for the first time we have a report from Belize, and from the other side of the globe, detailed information on the situation in Réunion (in an article by Leila Caid-Capron).

Once again there was actually too much information to include in this issue (even though it’s a page longer than the last one). There’s especially a lot on Australia after the workshop on Pidgins, Creoles and Non-standard Varieties in Education held in Melbourne in July (reported on p.10). So, Australia will be the focus of another special report in the next issue.

Thanks for all the valuable contributions that have got us to issue number 5! Please keep sending in information or short articles for future issues and passing the word (and the newsletter) on to others who may be interested.


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