The Newsletter is growing in both size and subscribers. This issue is 15 pages, 5 more than the last, and there are over 125 names on the mailing list.

As promised last time, this issue includes a special report on creoles and education in Australia, where a lot has been happening recently.

But there was still too much information to include in this issue. So, Melanesia will be the focus of yet another special report in the next issue.

For the first time, two people have been involved in the production of the PACE Newsletter. Cindy Schneider typed in the reports and summarized the publications. Thanks to Cindy for her efforts!

Thanks also to all the other contributors to this issue. Please keep up the information or short articles for future issues and passing the word (and the newsletter) on to others who may be interested.

Jeff Siegel, Editor
Linguistics Department
University of New England
Armidale, NSW 2351 AUSTRALIA

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