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Sexual Assault, including date/acquaintance rape is a very serious crime and is a high priority of this Department of Public Safety. If you feel you are the victim of a sexual assault on campus, the department will guarantee the following:
  1. We will meet with you privately, at a time and place of your choice to take your report.
  2. We cannot and will not notify your parents without your consent.
  3. Our officers will not prejudge you, and you will not be blamed for what occurred.
  4. We will treat you and your case with courtesy, sensitivity, dignity, understanding and professionalism.
  5. We will assist you in arranging for any necessary hospital treatment, or other medical needs. We will also assist in emergency housing if needed.
  6. If you would feel more comfortable talking with a friend or advocate of your choice present, we will do our best to accomodate your request.
  7. We recommend you allow us to contact the Honolulu Police Department, however, we will respect your decision whatever you elect to do.
  8. We will assist you in privately contacting SATC, Women's Center, counseling and other available services.
  9. We will continue to be available to answer your questions, to explain the system and process involved, and to be a listening ear if you wish.
  10. We will consider your case seriously, regardless of your gender or the gender or status of the suspect.
Please do not hesitate to call Public Safety at 956-6911 if you feel you have been a victim of sexual assault. We are here to help you any time of day or night.

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