Impatica for PowerPoint makes it easy to add narrated presentations to your website or Laulima course.

Now you can deliver fully narrated and animated PowerPoint presentations to essentially any Internet device without plug-ins and even at normal modem speeds.

Impatica for PowerPoint simply converts the PowerPoint file into a compressed format that is optimized for streaming over the Internet. The Impatica file is typically 95% smaller than the PowerPoint HTML files.

Impatica for PowerPoint supports most of the features of PowerPoint, including text, graphics, transitions, animation effects and, of course, narration. See the Impatica User's Guide (pdf) and Impatica: ADA Section 508 (pdf) for additional details.

Impatica runs on Windows and Macintosh OSX platforms.

ITS has licensed Impatica for use by UH faculty and staff only.

To download Impatica, please login to the University of Hawai‘i Software Download Site.

If you have questions, please email