UH BlueJeans Program

Information Technology Services (ITS) has established a program with a cloud-based video conferencing provider called BlueJeans for a trial period. BlueJeans may be used for hosting online meetings, webinars, advising, tutorials, online office hours, connecting with subject-matter experts, group work, and more. It offers audio, video, and content sharing. A BlueJeans user account is needed to schedule, host, or moderate a BlueJeans meeting. However, an account is not needed to attend a meeting.

A limited number of accounts are available to UH faculty and staff, valid until February 25, 2020*. Accounts will be monitored periodically to verify usage. Any unused accounts will receive prior notification and may be terminated in order to provide the BlueJeans services to another user. All accounts are user-based; departmental accounts will not be accepted.

* NOTE: ITS is currently evaluating other video conferencing providers that may suit the University's needs. Therefore this BlueJeans program will most likely be cancelled in February 2020. If you have any recordings that you would like to keep, we recommend that you to download the mp4 files to your computer as soon as possible. Recordings will no longer be accessible after February 25, 2020. Instructions can be found at: https://support.bluejeans.com/s/article/How-to-Download-and-Share-Recordings.

    For Users that requested for a trial account prior to February 2019:
  • Accounts that were not utilized during the trial period have expired.
  • Accounts that were utilized will have until April 30, 2019 to complete any upcoming BlueJeans meetings. Notifications will be sent out to these users re-request for an account for the current term.

Request for a UH BlueJeans Faculty/Staff Account:

  • Please read through the BlueJeans Terms and Conditions.
  • Click on the button below to request for a BlueJeans account. You will be required to log in with your UH Username and password, and provide a reason for your request. Once submitted, you will receive a response within 2-3 business days. Please email sladmin@hawaii.edu if you do not receive a response within that time frame.

  • I accept BlueJeans Terms and Conditions

    Included Features:

      Universal Interoperability
    • BlueJeans operates with room systems, computers, mobile devices and applications.
    • Software solutions include browser plugins and apps for Windows, Mac, and Linux systems, with native support for Chrome and Chromebooks.
    • A 1-800 number also ensures participants may connect via telephone.
    • Multi Party Video Meetings and/or Large Events
    • BlueJeans supports up to 100 interactive participants
    • Mobile Devices and Computers
    • Via free apps BlueJeans is iOS and Android compatible.
    • Via apps and browser plugins BlueJeans is Windows, Mac and Linux compatible.
    • Native support for Chrome and Chromebooks, full-feature experience with no download or installation of an application or plugin.
    • Content Sharing
    • Share content in high definition (HD) up to 1080p.
    • Video feed and shared content available on computers, mobile devices and room systems with one or two screens.
    • Video Sharing
    • Participants are able to upload HD video files to BlueJeans and replay during meetings.
    • Meeting Recording
    • BlueJeans meetings can be recorded with all video, audio and shared content.
    • Secure Meetings
    • BlueJeans delivers secure, enterprise-grade cloud deployment. With Firewall / NAT traversal, Service Organization Controls (SOC) 2 completion, encryption, and IP VPN deployment options, you can meet with privacy and confidence.
    • Text Chat
    • BlueJeans offers group chats, or private chat messages with specific participants during meetings.
    • Room systems may participate in chat via laptop pairing.

    Helpful Links

    • For information on scheduling and joining a BlueJeans Conference please visit the BlueJeans Tutorial page.
    • For more information on BlueJeans please visit BlueJeans Support.
    • Technical Assistance before and during a live conference meeting:
      Help Desk Ph. (808) 956-8883, help@hawaii.edu.

    If there are any questions regarding this program, please call the ITS Site License Office at (808) 956-2404 or send email to sladmin@hawaii.edu.