218 Second Language Learning & Technology

If you are currently taking a language class regardless of your proficiency level, or you have been learning a foreign language on your own, this course will be yours to seriously consider. Through hands on activities connecting language learning theories, wide arrange of technologies, and community building and extension, you will truly begin to embrace the process of language learning which is both challenging and fun. Coupling pedagogies and technology use, language learning will not only benefit you in expanding your cognitive and social resources, but also you will become more agentic in wisely and mindfully participating in various media and technologies, and other areas learning and living activities.

This course is designed for undergraduate student general education in the 21st century as technology has become so prevalent yet, it is underused for sustaining and optimizing self-regulated language learning. The course supports students' awareness and understanding of the role of technology for second language learning and use. In a globalized world, two of the most critical skills for having an edge are additional language skills and technology literacies. This course will help students systematically explore a wide range of emerging technologies for second language learning and use. Students will create projects to explore how learning technologies can augment one’s capacity for learning a second language (and developing associated cultural understanding). Projects that can have an impact on real-world problems through involving and building communities (both local and international) are strongly encouraged. The course is relevant to students of second language studies, arts, sciences, communications, business or any majors who are interested in gaining and cultivating a multilingual and multicultural worldview.