480P (1) Second Language Pedagogy: Task-Based Language Teaching

This course explores task-based approaches to second/foreign language learning and teaching using the principle of ‘learning by doing’. The course will be organized through a number of tasks and projects to help students understand and critically evaluate the notion of task in both L2 acquisition and instruction. Task-Based Language Teaching (TBLT) is a coherent approach with a strong empirical foundation from both SLA and education that uses tasks as a space for learners to use and acquire L2 meaningfully. The course will cover key topics including the historical origins and theoretical underpinnings of TBLT, task design and development, needs analysis, task sequencing, task-based lesson planning, task-based assessment, tasks and technology, task implementation, and tasks across contexts. By the end of this course, students will have a clear understanding of how TBLT works in theory and practice, how to define and design specific tasks, how to prepare individual lessons and syllabi via a TBLT approach, how to facilitate learners’ engagement with tasks in an L2 classroom, and how to assess learning via TBLT. In keeping with task-based approaches, students will also complete in-class tasks throughout the course such as jigsaw reading, peer review and project reports.