AAAL 2021 SLS Presentations

Ann Choe, PhD student

  • Representing the Temporality of Collaborative Embodied Action in Multimodal Transcripts
  • A linguistic analysis of the communication demands in typical technology-mediated learning environments (with Kristopher Kyle & Masaki Eguchi)

Dr. Dustin Crowther & Dr. Daniel Isbell

  • Who speaks “broken English” now? A conceptual replication of Lindemann (2005) 15 years later

Susanne DeVore, PhD student

  • Identifying and validating syntactic complexity indices for Mandarin (with Kristopher Kyle)

Mery Diez-Ortega, PhD student

  • Peer-interaction of beginner L2 learners during collaborative gaming

Dr. Christina Higgins

  • The affordances of ʻohana: Revitalizing language through Hawaiian kinship

Kendi Ho, PhD student

  • Cross Cultural health communication in elder care

Dr. Daniel Isbell

  • Validation of a standardized Elicited Imitation Test of oral language proficiency: A measurement approach (with Young-A Son)

Jia Kang, AGC student

  • Task Orientation and Participation Framework in EAP Peer-led Small Group Discussion

Michelle Kunkel, PhD student & Dr. Betsy Gilliland

  • From language teacher to teacher researcher: Insights into teacher cognition from action research

Rickey Larkin, PhD student

  • “An earthquake occurred many people to death?!”: Acceptable vs. unacceptable resultative sentences in English (with Trtiana Tytko, Hiroyuki Oshita, Rachael Pack, An Sakach, & Mark Sakach)

Yu Han Lin, PhD student

  • Representing Touch in Multilingual Eldercare Encounters

Yu-Han Lin & Ann Choe, PhD students (Colloquium Organizers)

  • Multimodality in Multilingual Interaction: Methodological Problems and Solutions

Yang Liu, PhD student

  • Learning On-the-go: Generating and Analyzing Data of a Mobile Game in Action

Michaela Nuesser, PhD student

  • The theoretical rationale of a VR game designed for ecological, situated, and problem-based language learning

Jay Ritch, MA student & Parvaneh Rezaee, PhD student

  • Stylizing categories in Iranian-American stand-up comedy

Kristin Rock, PhD student

  • “You wanna grade my blog post?” A validity study of a rubric for academic blogging

Bethany Schwartz, PhD student, Dr. Gavin Lamb, & Dr. Christina Higgins

  • Promoting language rights in Hawaiʻi: Fostering positive public dialogue about Pidgin

Chau Truong, MA graduate

  • Indexes of Dialect Differences in a Vietnamese Language Classroom Discourse

Junichi Yagi, PhD student

  • Membership Knowledge and Its Analytical Consequences: Examining Multimodal Interaction in Sports

Dr. Nicole Ziegler

  • Metacognitive instruction on interactional feedback in the L2 classroom: Learners’ perceptions and performance (with Kara Moranski and Abbie Finnegan)