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BA Program in SLS Gains “Established” Status

On December 15, 2017, the Academic and Student Affairs subcommittee of the Board of Regents approved a change for the BA program in Second Language Studies from “provisional” to “established program” status.

It may seem surprising that our BA program is only just now being granted “established” status; after all, we’ve had students earning BAs in SLS since 1969. However, for over 40 years our major was part of the Interdisciplinary Studies program. In January of 2011 our proposal to move the major into our own department was approved by the Board of Regents. All “new” programs start out with “provisional” status for the first five years, and then submit proposals to change to “established” status.

SLS would like to give very special thanks to Bonnie Sylwester, a PhD student in SLS who was largely responsible for record-keeping, data crunching, leading a series of program evaluation and assessment projects, and doing the bulk of the writing of our proposal for established status.