Congratulations SLS Graduates!Fall 2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the cancellation of the traditional Commencement Exercises, we’ve put this slideshow together to celebrate our SLS BA, MA, and Ph.D. graduates. Congratulations!!

Dear Graduates,

Obviously congratulations on having made it this far under very difficult circumstances. Despite everything, you focused and finished. We your teachers likewise determined to up our online skills and put everything but you out of our minds (at least while class was running). I hope that we can see, in the middle distance, some possibility of a non-Covid world, for you to take and make your own. And in it, the international mobility that languages bring, should still be yours, facilitated by the diploma which like a flying carpet will, I hope, wing you to your desired destination.

Aloha, until we meet again,
Dr. Graham V. Crookes
Department Chair

For a full list and recognition from CALL Dean Dr. Peter Arnade, please check the CALL website.