AGC in SLS Course Requirements

Students must complete 15 units of relevant graduate coursework, approved by the student’s advisor. Likely courses will include one or two of the core courses for the MA in SLS, unless the student has already had equivalent coursework, as well as elective courses or seminars in the key areas of interest to the student (pedagogy, learning, use, analysis, or research methods). Students work closely with their advisor in designing their course of study. Example programs are illustrated in the section on “Examples of Types of Student Programs.”

Students should be aware that some of these courses have prerequisites, which cannot be counted toward the required credits for the AGC.

It is expected that scholars will find this program attractive for a variety of reasons, such as the following possible purposes:

1) A formal way for visiting faculty (“Visiting Colleagues”) affiliated with the Department of Second Language Studies (SLS) to obtain official credit and documentation for their period of study with us, as well as a more supervised research experience;

2) An avenue for students wishing to compete for places in the highly competitive/selective PhD program in SLS to demonstrate their academic and research abilities, and to accomplish the basic preparation course work and research training that might be expected of them prior to PhD admission;

3) A short-term program providing current topical information and practical preparation for a wide range of employment needs for professionals in language-related disciplines, which should lead to advantageous promotions or salary increases. These include, but are not limited to, Department of Education administrative personnel and senior teachers, business and professionals in service and training positions, and academic staff at public and private community colleges and universities;

4) A supplemental certification (e.g., for a specialist in teaching a particular language who is completing a masters in that language) documenting awareness of current knowledge about research on second language acquisition and teaching.