Employment Information for Oʻahu


The Department of Second Language Studies has a number of scholarship funds that support student research and conference travel. Descriptions of these funds, their purposes, and application procedures and materials can be found at the following links.


Two intensive ESL programs on the UHM campus regularly hire for short-term programs on a part-time basis. There are also four community colleges, several small private colleges, federally funded programs, private K-12 modern language programs, and a number of private language schools on O‘ahu. Additionally, we often receive requests for qualified language tutors.

The University of Hawai‘i Student Employment & Cooperative Education office also offers listings of on-campus employment for both international and U.S. students.

Applicants and current students are encouraged to become familiar with two important professional organizations on the island of O‘ahu: Hawai‘i TESOL (HITESOL) and the Hawai‘i Association of Language Teachers (HALT). Additionally, the website for the Teacher Portfolio & Preparation Series (TiPPS) workshop is a great resource for beginning and experienced job seekers.

Generally, it is advantageous to be physically present in Honolulu in order to find either SLS-related or other types of employment.

Please also see Employment page.