MA in SLS Course Requirements


The usual course load is 9 credits per semester, aside from possible foreign language courses. In a six-week summer session, it is 6 credits. Most students take four semesters to complete the SLS program. Graduate Assistants and others who must carry a reduced course load normally take longer.


The 36-credit MA in SLS has a 15-credit core requirement, with four courses and one seminar. The following are the four core courses:

  • SLS 600 Introduction to second language studies
  • SLS 601 Language concepts for second language learning and teaching
  • SLS 650 Second language acquisition
  • SLS 660 Sociolinguistics and second languages

The core seminar can be chosen from one of four areas:

  • SLS 730 Seminar in second language education
  • SLS 750 Seminar in second language acquisition
  • SLS 760 Seminar in second language use
  • SLS 775 Seminar in second language qualitative research

Topics for seminars vary. Recent topics include: language and the law, L2 literacy, second language listening, discourse processes in Hawai‘i Creole English, second language ethnography, universals and SLS, language for specific purposes, child language acquisition, second language pragmatics, and task-based language learning. Seminars may be repeated for (elective) credit when the topic varies.