Language Education (LE) Track

Within the MA in SLS, the track in Language Education (LE) tailored to students' individual learning needs and interests, offering professional-level preparation in a personally meaningful selection from among the following emphases:

  1. Theories, approaches, and models of language education;
  2. Professional growth and development;
  3. Curriculum development and syllabus design;
  4. Materials evaluation, selection, adaptation, and development;
  5. Innovative, ethical, and critical language teaching practices;
  6. Assessment alternatives in language education;
  7. Research on L2 classroom practices and instructional effectiveness;
  8. Program administration and evaluation;
  9. The role of language education and educators in society.

Courses: In addition to the four (4) core courses, MA students in the LE track will complete the following:


  • The core seminar will be from SLS 730 or other appropriate seminar, as approved by the advisor.

Four courses from the following:

  • SLS 460 English Phonology
  • SLS 610 Introduction to Teaching Second Languages
  • SLS 611 Second Language Testing
  • SLS 612 Alternative Approaches to Second Language Teaching
  • SLS 613 Second Language Listening and Speaking
  • SLS 614 Second Language Writing
  • SLS 620 Second Language Reading
  • SLS 630 Second Language Program Development
  • SLS 640 English Syntax
  • SLS 680P Topics in Second Language Pedagogy
  • SLS 690 Second Language Teaching Practicum