MA in SLS Transfer of Credit and Course Substitutions

Graduate Credit for Seniors at the University of Hawaiʻi

Seniors at UH may earn credit toward the MA in SLS in their last semester as an undergraduate student, provided they receive approval in advance. See the current University of Hawaiʻi Catalog for more information.

Newly Admitted MA Students

If a student has already had course work equivalent to required courses in the MA program, the Graduate Faculty sometimes permits the student to substitute other courses for those required courses. Such substitutions do not reduce the total credit-hour requirements.

Under certain circumstances, courses recently taken at another institution may fulfill part of the requirements for the MA in SLS, thus reducing the total credit hours which must be taken at Hawaiʻi. A maximum of 17 credits may be approved for transfer provided: 1) that the credits were not used to obtain a previous degree, 2) that the credits represent B performance or better in courses that are applicable for graduate credit, and 3) that the courses are deemed relevant to the MA program by the SLS Graduate Faculty. Please refer to the UHM Credit Acceptance Policy for full details.

The SLS Graduate Faculty does not consider course substitutions or transfer of credits prior to enrollment; these matters are handled during the first semester in the program. Students who wish to request credit transfers or course substitutions should bring a copy of the catalog description, the syllabus, the list of texts used in each course, and any relevant course work.