Program of Study

Students work closely with their advisers and doctoral committees in defining their individualized programs. In order to establish a common core of expertise among students, specific courses will be designated according to the background of each student. The basic preparation expected as part of their MA training is at least one graduate-level course in each of the four areas of specialization. Doctoral candidates will be evaluated by the admissions committee concerning their basic preparation at the master’s level. If any area is not sufficient, additional coursework may be required.

Beyond basic preparation, each doctoral student’s program must include a minimum of two graduate-level courses in each of three of the subfields of specialization, and two graduate-level courses in research methods (totaling 24 credits). At least two courses must be at the 700 level. The University requirement is three semesters of full-time study or the equivalent in credits at the University of Hawai‘i. Typical completion time is four years.

All courses taken to fulfill program requirements must be taken for credit (not audited) and must be taken for a letter grade. (The only exception to this is SLS 799, which can be taken for CR/NC only. NB: SLS 699, Directed Reading, cannot count towards program requirements in the PhD program.)

The following is a partial listing of courses which are available in each of the four sub-fields of second language studies. These are listed to indicate the range of offerings at the University of Hawai‘i, and to guide students and their doctoral committees in designing plans of study. The courses listed do not constitute a closed list; other courses may be approved by students’ advisors or doctoral committees. In addition, it should be noted that the majority of the 600 and 700 level courses listed have prerequisites which students may be required to take in the appropriate departments.

Second Language Analysis

  • SLS 640 English syntax
  • SLS 642 Comparative grammar & second language acquisition
  • SLS 680N Topics in SLS: Second language analysis
  • CHN 641, 642 Contrastive analysis of Mandarin & English
  • CHN 750C Research seminar in Chinese language: Structure
  • ENG 745 Seminar in English language
  • JPN 634 Advanced Japanese syntax & semantics
  • JPN 650C Topics in Japanese linguistics: Japanese/English contrastive analysis
  • LING 650, 651 Advanced linguistic analysis
  • LLEA 681(A) Topics in language

Second Language Learning

  • SLS 650 Second language acquisition (basic preparation)
  • SLS 673 Applied psycholinguistics & SLS
  • SLS 680E Topics in SLS: Second language learning
  • SLS 750 Seminar in second language acquisition
  • EDEP 768C Seminar in educational psychology: Learning
  • LING 616 Biological foundations of language
  • LING 670 Developmental linguistics
  • LING 750Q Seminar: Language acquisition
  • PSY 726 Seminar in cognitive science

Second Language Use

  • SLS 618 Language and Learning Technology
  • SLS 660 Sociolinguistics & second languages (basic preparation)
  • SLS 680U Topics in SLS: Second language use
  • SLS 760 Seminar in second language use
  • CHN 750E Research seminar in Chinese language: Sociolinguistics
  • JPN 633 Japanese sociolinguistics
  • LING 635 Language variation
  • LING 750S Seminar: Sociolinguistics

Second Language Education

  • SLS 613 Second language listening & speaking
  • SLS 614 Second language writing
  • SLS 620 Second language reading
  • SLS 630 Second language program development
  • SLS 671 Research in language testing
  • SLS 680P Topics in SLS: Second language pedagogy
  • SLS 610 Introduction to Teaching second languages (basic preparation)
  • SLS 730 Seminar in second language pedagogy
  • CHN 750B Research seminar in Chinese language: Teaching methods
  • EALL 60l Method of teaching East Asian languages
  • EDCS 641(A) Seminar in foreign language
  • EDCS 667(A) Seminar in curriculum
  • EDEF 669 Introduction to comparative/international education
  • EDEP 768G Seminar in educational psychology: Educational evaluation
  • ENG 680 Theory & practice of teaching composition
  • ENG 740 Seminar in composition studies
  • JPN 650P Topics in Japanese linguistics: Pedagogy

Courses in Research Methods

  • SLS 670 Second language research methods
  • SLS 672 Second language classroom research
  • SLS 674 Survey research method
  • SLS 675 Second language qualitative research
  • SLS 676 Interpretive qualitative inquiry
  • SLS 678 Discourse analysis in second language research
  • SLS 680R Topics in SLS: Second language research methodology
  • SLS 750 Seminar in second language acquisition: Distributed language and multimodal analysis
  • SLS 775 Seminar in second language research
  • EALL 603(A) Bibliographical & research methods
  • EDEP 602 Computer analysis of data
  • EDEP 604 Multiple regression in behavioral research
  • EDEP 768H Seminar in educational psychology: Research methodology
  • LING 630 Field methods
  • LLEA 630(V) Seminar in research methods