Andrea Berez-KroekerProfessor, Department of Linguistics, University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa; PhD, University of California, Santa Barbara

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Andrea Berez-Kroeker

Andrea Berez-Kroeker is a documentary linguist whose work focuses on the interface between endangered language communities, language technology, and the preservation and dissemination of records of language in use. Her approach to language description examines field-collected data and archived materials in a discourse-functional theoretical framework. This framework considers language to be a human behavioral phenomenon to be studied in the context of discourse and society, and considers grammatical structure to be a product of the cultural and linguistic practices of the members of a speech community.

Dr. Berez-Kroeker is dedicated to supporting a technological infrastructure for endangered language documentation that promotes long-term data sustainability, and her projects bridge the gap between linguistics, archiving, technology, and community language activism. She is the director of the Kaipuleohone University of Hawaiʻi Digital Language Archive, and has worked on projects to preserve endangered language materials for educational and community use in Alaska and Hawaiʻi. In recent years her work on language data preservation has turned toward the field of linguistics more broadly, with the aim of increasing the culture of reproducible research in the language sciences.