Betsy GillilandAssociate Professor & Undergraduate Chair
PhD, University of California, Davis

Betsy Gilliland

Moore Hall 403

My research examines multilingual adolescents’ academic language and writing development. I am particularly interested in the experiences of young people who have attended US schools for many years and their transitions into mainstream and college writing. My current research analyzes the ways that teachers’ oral response to high school students’ writing is reflected in the students’ understandings of academic language and subsequent written texts. I also consider the influences of state and federal education policy on curriculum and teacher preparation around secondary school second language writing.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Second language writing
  • Language socialization
  • Second language teacher education
  • Ethnographic discourse analysis
  • Language policy and planning

Selected Publications: 

Gilliland, B. (2018). Against the odds: The importance of personal connections in one migrant student’s literacy trajectory to college. L2 Journal, 10(2),183-197.

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Gilliland, B. (2017). Opportunity gaps: Curricular discontinuities across ESL, mainstream, and college English. In C. Ortmeier-Hooper & T. Ruecker (Eds.), Linguistically diverse immigrant and resident writers: Transitions from high school to college (pp. 21–35). New York: Routledge.

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