Fred Zenker

photo of Fred Zenker
Fred Zenker

MA in Second Language Studies, University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa

Research Interests: second language acquisition, experimental morphosyntax, psycholinguistics, learner corpus research, language testing, second language pedagogy

Selected Publications:

Zenker, F., & Schwartz, B. D. (2022). Resumption facilitates L1-Koreans’ L2 production of English relative clauses. In Y. Gong & F. Kpogo (Eds.), Proceedings of the 46th annual Boston University Conference on Language Development (pp. 946–959). Cascadilla Press.

Smith, G., Jung, H., & Zenker, F. (2022). From task-based needs analysis to curriculum evaluation: Putting methodological innovations to the test in an English for academic purposes program. English for Specific Purposes, 66, 80–93.

Zenker, F., & Kyle, K. (2021). Investigating minimum text lengths for lexical diversity indices. Assessing Writing47, Article 100505.

Zenker, F., & Schwartz, B. D. (2021). Resumptive pronouns facilitate processing of long‑distance relative clause dependencies in second language English. Proceedings of the Linguistic Society of America, 6, 325–339.

Deen, K., Bondoc, I., Camp, A., Estioca, S., Hwang, H., Shin, G.‑H., Takahashi, M., Zenker, F., & Zhong, J. C. (2018). Repetition brings success: Revealing knowledge of the passive voice. In A. B. Bertolini & M. J. Kaplan (Eds.), Proceedings of the 42nd annual Boston University Conference on Language Development. Somerville, MA: Cascadilla Press. 16.pdf