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Dongping Zheng

ZhengAssociate Professor

PhD, University of Connecticut

Moore Hall 401

Dongping’s research cuts across the fields of linguistics, psychology, foreign language literacy, teacher education, and educational technology. She has been a member of DSLS faculty since 2009, and has been adamantly embracing the Distributed Language perspectives in her applied work, mainly in three lines of research: 1) language development in game-based virtual environments, 2) rethinking second language acquisition and learning from ecological, dialogical and distributed perspectives, and 3) developing new methodology for embodied and non-local events of languaging. These lines of her inquiry are mainly situated in the larger contexts of open-ended gaming/learning environments. She has identified possible new constructs and methodologies to look at second language learning from action and collectivist standpoints, which are reciprocally transcended by the affordances of these culturally recalcitrant environments, such as Atlantis Remixed & Quest Atlantis, Second Life, and World of Warcraft.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Ecological Psychology and Ecolinguistics
  • Distributed Language and Cognition
  • Multimodal and Dialogical Analysis
  • Language and Learning Technologies
  • Design and Evaluation of Virtual Worlds and Open-ended Learning Environments

Selected Publications:

Newgarden, K., & Zheng, D. (2016). Recurrent languaging activities in World of Warcraft: Skilled linguistic action meets the Common European Framework of Reference. ReCALL28(3), 274–304.

Zheng, D., Bischoff, M., & Gilliland, B. (2015). Vocabulary learning in massively multiplayer online games: Context and action before words. Educational Technology Research & Development, 63(5), 771–790.

Newgarden, K., Zheng, D., & Liu, M. (2015). An Eco-dialogical study of second language learners’ World of Warcraft (WoW) gameplay. Language Sciences, 48, 22–41.

Zheng, D., Newgarden, K. and Young, M. F. (2012). Multimodal analysis of language learning in World of Warcraft Play: Languaging as values-realizing. ReCALL, 24(3), 339–360.

Zheng, D. (2012). Caring in the dynamics of design and languaging: Exploring second language learning in Virtual Spaces. Language Sciences, 34, 543–558.

Zheng, D. & Newgarden, K. (2012). Rethinking language learning: Virtual World as a catalyst for change. The International Journal of Learning and Media, 3(2), 13–36.