Hye Young Jung

Photo of Hye Young Jung
Hye Young Jung

MA in English Education, Chung Ang University, South Korea

Research Interests: critical language pedagogy, critical literacy, L2 materials/ curriculum development, L2 teacher emotions/ identities

Selected Publications:

Jung, H., & Crookes, G. V. (2020). The use of K-pop culture in a critical EAP classroom. In V. Werner & F. Tegge (Eds.), Pop Culture in Language Education: Theory, research, practice (pp. 267-280). Routledge.

Hwang, H., Jung, H., & Kim, H. (2020). Effects of written versus spoken production modalities on syntactic complexity measures in beginning-level child EFL learners. Modern Language Journal, 104(1), 267-283.

Jung, Hye-Young & Cha, Kyung-Whan. (2015). Small talk as strategies in the classroom. Modern English Education, 16(2), 121–139.

Jung, Hye-Young & Cha, Kyung-Whan. (2015). Effects of shadowing using TED on EFL learners’ listening skills. Multimedia-Assisted Language Learning, 18(3), 258–277.