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George Smith

SmithGeorgeMA in Applied Linguistics, Concordia University

Research Interests: TBLT, instructed SLA, interaction-based approaches to language learning, technology in language learning, applied linguistics


Selected Publications:

McDonough, K., Kielstra, P., Crowther, D., & Smith, G. (under review). Structural priming in L2 speech production: Examining relationships among English L2 speakers’ production, cognitive abilities, and awareness. In A. Mackey & E. Marsden (Eds.), Instruments for research into second languages: Empirical studies advancing methodology. New York: Routledge.

Smith, G., Cardoso, W., & Garcia Fuentes, C. (2015). Text-to-speech synthesizers: Are they ready for the second language classroom? Proceedings of the 4th Annual Meeting on English Language Teaching. Montreal: UQAM