Rabail Qayyum

Rabail Qayyum
Rabail Qayyum

M.A. in Linguistics, University of Karachi
M.Ed. with specialization in English Teacher Education, The Aga Khan University, Institute for Educational Development Karachi

Research Interests: English as a Second Language, academic writing, teacher development

Selected Publications:

Qayyum, R. (2019). Continuous Professional Development Opportunities for Private School Teachers in Pakistan. In W. Zoghbor, S. Al-Alami and T. Alexiou (Eds.), Proceedings of the 1st Applied Linguistics and Language Teaching Conference: Teaching and Learning in a Globalized World (pp. 78-85). Dubai: Zayed University Press.

Bashiruddin, A., & Qayyum, R. (2014). Teachers of English in Pakistan: Profile and recommendations, NUML Journal of Critical Inquiry, 12(1), pp. 1-19.

Qayyum, R. (2013). Increasing undergraduate students’ understanding of plagiarism. In P. Davidson, M. Al-Hamly, C. Coombe, S. Troudi and C. Gunn (Eds.), Proceedings of the 18th TESOL Arabia Conference: Achieving Excellence through Life Skills Education (pp. 272-278). Dubai: TESOL Arabia Publications.

Qayyum, R., & Ismail, Z. (2009). Role of positive experiences in teachers’ reflective engagements: A case study of three teachers, Psychological Studies, 54(4), 306.