Roberta BairdActing Department Secretary, SLS

Roberta Baird

Moore Hall 570

Roberta (Berta) Baird, a native of Kentucky, came to Hawaii in 2003. Roberta worked at the Bank of Hawaii for about seven years as a Foreign Treasury Supervisor and promoted to work in the Foreign Currency Corporate Office handling millions of dollars assisting in trade sales.

She has worked various jobs including working on Schofield as a military contractor helping with computer data input, operating a 60-ton crane, and working as a Patient Advocate for patients to receive MedQuest were a few.

When an opportunity came to work for UH, she worked as a Supervisor at Leeward Community College in the Admission and Records Department for a few years, working with students of all cultures and backgrounds, processing admission applications, change of institution requests, petition for non-residents, etc. while supervising one staff member and four student assistants.  She learned the overall operations of the UH by working with various colleagues within the ten campuses.

Again when an opportunity came to work at UHM, Roberta decided to take a position working with Kenton Harsch and Priscilla Faucette as “Secretary” in the ELI Department working with people of all races, cultures, and backgrounds. This along with what she learned in the Admissions and Records office helped Roberta as she  quoted “to really grow and give my knowledge but also to learn.”

Roberta continues to use this knowledge and learn in the role of “Acting Secretary” for Second Language Studies and English Language Institute Department.

When not working, Roberta enjoys attending her religious meetings with people of all backgrounds and cultures from all over the world. watching old movies with popcorn, baking homemade cookies, listening to Jazz, and writing poetry.